Modernist, minimalist, plastic, fabric, leather and stainless steel furniture all have distinct features and appeal to people in different ways. Chinese wooden furniture is uniquely different and timeless, spanning several centuries and many generations of skilled craftsmen. Chinese solid wood furniture, depending on the era or dynasty from which it emanates, is either ornately carved with classical lines or sleek minimalist and functional in form. Uniquely, Chinese and oriental furniture has changed little in centuries yet has inspired western furniture makers and designers for the best part of four hundred years.

Chinese and oriental furniture has inspired western designers right through to the present day

Furniture historians wax lyrical about Chinese and oriental wooden furniture, some even going as far as saying the influence of Chinese wood furniture still resonates and inspires modern furniture designers in the west today. It is true that before the merchants and travellers of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries brought back examples of the intricately carved pieces of the time, European wooden furniture was heavy, cumbersome and largely functional and not nearly as intricately styled and carved as oriental furniture of a similar time.

Our collection of Chinese and oriental furniture in store contains items as diverse as those displayed in the image above. In order from left to right we have on display:

  • A modern retro reproduction four drawer low table with minimalist lines
  • A genuine antique elm temple table (Shanxi, circa 1900)
  • A lightly carved antique Coffer cabinet (Shaanxi, circa 1800)

As you can see from the images the pieces originate in different eras spanned by over two centuries, and yet do not appear out of place side by side. Imagine these pieces in your drawing room, study, lounge or bedroom as a few examples. Together with a few well placed complementary accessories you can turn an ordinary room into something altogether different and entirely unique.

Mix and match for a totally personal lifestyle choice

Chinese wooden furniture isn’t merely limited toapothecaries, cabinets, drawer sets, chairs and tables; rather there are hundreds of accessories all of which are handmade from wood to complement your personal preferences. Wooden screens for bedroom, boudoir and living room, wooden pots for kitchen storage or toy storage, trunks for storing bedding and wooden plates and dishes all of which are beautiful to behold, practical and extremely functional.

If you are already a fan of all things Chinese and oriental or want to sample elements of a fascinating ancient culture, contact us today and add to your collection or begin the adventure. Solid wooden furniture and accessories can be ordered by phone, visiting our store or direct from the website.

We look forward to hearing from you or meeting you in person.